Trans Furan Chemicals (TFC) and Foreco have developed a new environmental friendly wood modification technique which uses bio-based products to modify wood: In-Situ Wood Bio-Polymerization (ISWBP). ISWBP provides a construction alternative by introducing bio-polymerized wood to the European market.
Fast growing softwood is impregnated with a water-soluble thermoset resin which is produced from agricultural crop waste (bagasse). The specs of this modified wood equal the properties of tropical hardwood and therefore form an attractive alternative to this hardwood and other construction materials with a negative environmental impact. This wood is sold under the NobelWood® label, a new label dedicated to modified wood products. The project starts in September 2013 and will have a duration of three years. Focus will be on environmental aware markets like the Benelux, Scandinavia and Germany.

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